Painter / Printmaker / Illustrator

Nearski was born in the UK, raised in Germany and has spent the last 10 years creating work in Japan and sometimes Taiwan. He is very much an 'international artist' who draws strong inspiration from his ever changing surroundings.

This website is a collection of personal and commisioned pieces made by Nearski over the past 5 years.

His work follows themes of nature and environmental issues. A future underwater earth showing the interaction of the natural world with urban landscapes and people. His preferred mediums are acrylic paint on walls and canvas or screen printing onto fabric or paper.  


彼の作品は、自然と人との強い繋がりをテーマとしています。 アートの多くはキャンバスに絵を描いたり、シルクスクリーンで布や紙、Tシャツへ印刷しています。

このウェブサイトは、過去5 - 10年Nearskiによって行われた作品です。

Shows and events:

2008 SOLO POP UP Exhibition., HHK Festival. Hradec Králové. Czech Republic

2009 Final Show. Group Exhibition Leeds UK.

2012 Solo Exhibition at Tamutamu Gallery Osaka.

2013 Solo Exhibition at New Osaka Hotel Japan

2014 Solo Exhibition at New Osaka Hotel, Osaka Japan

2015 Collaborative Exhibition with Naomi Takaki. Nipponbashi. Osaka. Japan.

2016 Taitung Group Exhibition. Taitung Taiwan.

2016 Group Exhibition. Hundred Paces Gallery. Fangliao Taiwan.

2017 KRS Prints. Solo Exhibition. Tamutamu Gallery. Osaka. Japan.

2017 PAIR (Pier 2 Artist in Residency) Exhibition. Pier 2 Art Centre. Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.

2017 HPS Group Exhibition. Fangliao Art Centre. Fangliao Taiwan.

2017 F3 Group Exhibition. Chiayi Artist Village Taiwan.

2017 Ookami Fest. Group Exhibition. Jusoko Studio. Osaka Japan.

2018 Nearski X Girenhao Exhibition. Pine Brooklyn Gallery. Osaka Japan.

2018 Artist in Residence. Regent Gala Exhibition. Regent Hotel. Taipei, Taiwan

2018 Group Exhibition. F3. De sing University. Tainan, Taiwan

2018 Group Exhibition 4000 CE. Y Gion Gallery. Kyoto, Japan.

2019 Group Exhibition 4000 CE. OOMPH Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan